Back in 2013, Alberto Gandolfi and his wife Alida come to a decision: they will sell the family textile company in northern Italy, and venture into winemaking in search of a balanced relationship with nature.

Our story

Their meeting with Le Marche is a fateful one: near San Marcello, Alberto and Alida come across a ruined farmhouse, surrounded by seventeen hectares of mostly neglected vineyard with fifty-year-old Verdicchio vines. They decide to rebuild the country house and look after the land and vineyards. Their dream of making wine has found the perfect setting, a beautiful scenery that they will share in respectfully and responsibly.

The reclaimed vineyard is expanded with new plots of Verdicchio, Lacrima, and international grape varieties, while the underground winery is built and set up for production. Meanwhile, the old farmhouse is rebuilt to become the Filodivino Resort, offering its signature seasonal cuisine based on local specialties. The addition of the spa and infinity pool completes this island of wellbeing set amid the vineyards of the Marche.

The Responsibility

Each step we take adheres to the principle of responsibility towards nature and the people involved in our project. Our renovation project was awarded to local contractors and craftsmen, working to the standards set by the Itaca protocol. This means using – to the greatest possible extent – recycled or reclaimed materials, made with renewable energy, and manufactured locally.

Our winery was designed and built to naturally minimize energy consumption, and to integrate gently with the surrounding environment. We work the vineyards with organic farming methods.

I nostri punti
di di forza

Ogni aspetto del nostro lavoro è caratterizzato dalla cura e dal senso di cooperazione con la natura e con ciò che abbiamo attorno: la produzione vinicola è il centro da cui s’irradia la filosofia Filodivino.

Our people

Our staff includes some senior, experienced professionals, as well as younger people from the area, who embrace Filodivino’s philosophy and find opportunities for professional and personal growth within the company. In addition to Alberto, Alida and their closest collaborators, our staff includes cooks, housekeepers, and farmhands, while oenologist Luca D’Attoma contributes his invaluable expertise. A keen, dedicated, and accomplished team.

Our team

The Thread

No company is an island of its own. In our work, we at Filodivino come into contact with other people and businesses in the area. Wineries and other producers, with whom we join forces to protect and promote the local economy and environment, suppliers of local produce and raw materials, artists and craftsmen, entire communities. We believe that joining forces in a network is essential to restoring a healthy relationship between man and nature.

Thus, the name Filodivino, originally referencing our being descended from a textile company, takes on new meaning: "un filo", a thread runs from winery to resort, to restaurant, to pool and spa, binding them together in quiet, refined elegance. That same thread goes beyond the boundaries of Filodivino and is woven with many others into the fabric of a local community, marked by respect and sustainability.