About the Vineyard

and the area

Filodivino first came into being with the reclamation of 17,5 hectares (ca. 43 acres) of formerly abandoned vineyard in the hills surrounding the town of San Marcello, in the countryside inland of Ancona. Today, the winery is a place of winemaking and hospitality, where you can connect with the centuries-hold relationship between man and nature that has shaped this terroir. Our venture currently employs 25 people who have embraced its philosophy.

How we
make wine

Here at Filodivino we would not consider any alternative to organic viticulture. Doing away with pesticides, weed killers, and fertilizers is the essential first step of environmentally responsible agriculture, the only way to preserve the soil and landscape of these verdant hills. At times, European guidelines for organic farming can fall short of that goal: that’s why, apart from keeping even the allowed copper and sulphur treatments to a minimum, we take additional steps to preserve the local environment.

We envision a cooperative relationship between man and nature: what we take from the soil, we give back through composting and green manuring. When nature starts giving signals that something is off, we do not rush to treat the symptom, but rather we investigate the root causes to better restore balance. This philosophy brings about dedication, and a sentiment of awareness and care that is passed from person to person, starting with those most involved in the day-to-day work.

the soil breathe

After each harvest we plough the soil between rows to ensure that it stays healthy and fertile, and to let it breathe before planting the green manure crops. Depending on the year, these will be mustard, French honeysuckle, vetch, pea, rocket, broad bean, or rapeseed. Green manuring has many advantages: it keeps the topsoil from being washed away by rains, it preserves heat in the winter, and it provides nourishment for the vines in the spring.

This approach also increases interdependency between different plant species, insects, and other fauna, and ensures that all components of the vineyard ecosystem are in a dynamic equilibrium. Nature will take care of the rest.

San Marcello,
our home

Our signature wines all come from seven hectares (ca. 17 acres) of Verdicchio vines that are over sixty years old. The other ten hectares (ca. 25 acres) we have planted with a selection of Verdicchio and Lacrima di Morro, as well as international grape varieties, which we blend into original takes on our terroir.


17,5 ha (ca. 43 acres)


200/250 metres above sea level

Vineyard age

10/60 years


Calcareous clay

The Ostra

Part of our Lacrima comes from a vineyard in the area of nearby Ostra. A fine plot of two hectares (roughly five acres), divided into a North-facing and a South-facing parcel. These vines of over thirty years of age have always been farmed organically.


2 ha (ca. 5 acres)


260 metres above sea level

Vineyard age

30 years


Calcareous clay and sand

Creating a network:
the Lacrima di Morro producers’ association

Filodivino is among the founders of the Associazione Produttori di Lacrima di Morro, an association that brings together those who produce Lacrima wines in house. They are, in a way, the stewards of this extraordinary grape variety: wineries that are rooted in the terroir, and carry out the entirety of production, from cultivation to bottling, within the boundaries of the certified area of origin (DOC).

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